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Type ‘weddings signs’ in to Google and you get 6 billion results! As Pinterest has grown in popularity so too has the presence of the wedding sign. From the informative to the clever, to the downright silly, someone somewhere created a sign for it! With so many hidden wedding expenses, a question we hear all […]

Ok, so this may be a little contentious! I run the risk of upsetting couples who have chosen to have friends or family fulfill a vendor role at their wedding.. hell, I run the risk of having my own friends and family be upset! And likewise, I know that some of what I have to […]

So you’re engaged! It’s a pretty incredible feeling, but once the initial wave of excitement fades and you start to get into the actual planning… well, that’s when overwhelm can kick in! For most people, looking for a venue is one of the first, and often the most challenging, things to get done. Seattle, and […]

When you live somewhere as beautiful as the Pacific North West, you don’t have to look to far to find the picture perfect backdrop for a wedding or elopement. For this styled shoot we chose Gold Creek Pond and couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. The look was soft and feminine, contrasting with […]

In my last post I talked about wedding design, and this week I want to provide some clarity around the role of a wedding planner, vs a wedding coordinator, vs a venue coordinator. With so many differing options and price points it can be pretty hard to figure out what you’re actually looking for. Granted, […]

When meeting new clients one of the things they’re typically confused about is what type of help they need. With no real industry standardization in how packages are named, things can get confusing pretty quickly. In Seattle alone, there are dozens of wedding planners with multiple packages all called different things. What one company calls […]

’Tis the season when wedding planning is in full swing for lots of couples. It should be a joyous and fun filled time, basking in your engagement bliss and working towards a major milestone in your relationship. All too often though it can turn out to be far more stressful than you ever imagined, and […]

So, I absolutely love the whole #fridayintroductions thing on Instagram.. it’s so much fun getting to hear about the faces behind some of my favorite IG accounts… BUT, I am in no way interesting enough to think of new facts about myself every week!! One of my business goals for 2018 is to blog more […]

Any wedding timeline on Pinterest will tell you that sending your Save the Dates is one of the first things you need to do after booking the venue. Typically, 9 months before the big day is the suggestion. Although you might want to leave 12 or more if it’s a destination wedding, or you have […]

Don’t leave it until the last minute! Many of us, when faced with an overwhelming task, can tend towards procastination. Always easier to put off the painful, right?! Except when it’s the night before your wedding, and you really want to relax with your friends, but instead, are stressing yourself out about writing something earth […]

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