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The last time we wrote about Covid-19 we were only a few days in. We were starting to hear about social distancing but it was just a vague concept, and we still believed, with all the optimism of born romantics, that we could weather this storm. That with a little care, and hand sanitizer, the […]

The last few weeks have hit Seattle hard. Whatever your personal situation and the level of the impact, there’s no doubt that self-isolating during a time of difficulty is problematic. It is, at this very time, that we crave company and connection the most. However, all we can do right now is follow the advice […]

With the first reported deaths from the Coronavirus taking place in the Seattle area over the weekend, many people are understandably worried about the virus, and looking for ways to protect themselves and their families. With some of Seattle’s largest companies instigating travel bans for their employees, this has some of our clients asking, what […]

Guest post by Bailey Brinks of Love Fern Design Studio, a Seattle Based Calligrapher & stationery designer. I could go on and on about the importance of hiring a calligrapher, but to keep it simple I have listed the four biggies here :)! Before I begin I want to say invitations are more than just […]

Ok, I admit it, I have a problem. I’m totally addicted to wedding blogs, wedding magazines, wedding IG accounts, Pinterest… you name it! If there’s a wedding trend going down you can guarantee we’ve seen it! Sometimes that can lead to trend fatigue! Certain things have been appearing in our feed for so long that […]

Type ‘weddings signs’ in to Google and you get 6 billion results! As Pinterest has grown in popularity so too has the presence of the wedding sign. From the informative to the clever, to the downright silly, someone somewhere created a sign for it! With so many hidden wedding expenses, a question we hear all […]

Ok, so this may be a little contentious! I run the risk of upsetting couples who have chosen to have friends or family fulfill a vendor role at their wedding.. hell, I run the risk of having my own friends and family be upset! And likewise, I know that some of what I have to […]

So you’re engaged! It’s a pretty incredible feeling, but once the initial wave of excitement fades and you start to get into the actual planning… well, that’s when overwhelm can kick in! For most people, looking for a venue is one of the first, and often the most challenging, things to get done. Seattle, and […]

When you live somewhere as beautiful as the Pacific North West, you don’t have to look to far to find the picture perfect backdrop for a wedding or elopement. For this styled shoot we chose Gold Creek Pond and couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. The look was soft and feminine, contrasting with […]

In my last post I talked about wedding design, and this week I want to provide some clarity around the role of a wedding planner, vs a wedding coordinator, vs a venue coordinator. With so many differing options and price points it can be pretty hard to figure out what you’re actually looking for. Granted, […]

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