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When I shared the BTS of my husband and I making this easel in our stories lots of you asked for a tutorial… so, here it is finally! Let me start by saying that we are not known for our DIY skills, so if we can do it, anyone can! Our beautiful arch shaped sign […]

The last few weeks have hit Seattle hard. Whatever your personal situation and the level of the impact, there’s no doubt that self-isolating during a time of difficulty is problematic. It is, at this very time, that we crave company and connection the most. However, all we can do right now is follow the advice […]

Ok, I’ll admit it, my decorating & craft obsessions extend well beyond weddings! Any event or holiday provides ample opportunity for me to get excited about a little styling! I’ve spent the past few weeks scouring all my favorite stores for holiday decorations, but man, it can get expensive! So rather than splurge on the […]

Those of you who’ve been following my Instagram journey for a while, will know that it was my own wedding that sparked my life change; from corporate career girl in Silicon Valley, to running my own wedding business in the Pacific Northwest. Not something I ever would have envisioned on that cold and wet day […]

Ok, so I’m going to be honest with you here guys, I had a pretty fixed idea about what makes a Honeymoon and it didn’t involve a Safari! It mainly involved clear blue waters, a luxurious hut on stilts over the ocean, a sun lounger and a shedload of cocktails. Unfortunately, my husband had other ideas! […]

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