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DIY Tutorial for Arch Easel/Rock & Stone Weddings

March 22, 2020

When I shared the BTS of my husband and I making this easel in our stories lots of you asked for a tutorial… so, here it is finally! Let me start by saying that we are not known for our DIY skills, so if we can do it, anyone can!

Our beautiful arch shaped sign from State of Reverie Studio was just under 2ft x 3ft, the instructions below will give you a sign holder for this size of sign.

What you’ll need:

My original plan was to make the arch out of copper piping like all my other sign holders but a quick google search showed me that bending copper was not for amateurs! Jonathan had recently wired a charger in our garage and was convinced that conduit could be bent by hand. I’ll admit, I was dubious, but at less than $4 per tube it wasn’t a big investment to find out!

The most time consuming part was the trip to Lowes, and from there, here’s what we did!

  • Attach the 24″ wood round to the edge of a table with your clamp or vice and then bend the conduit around it from the center point. Make sure you have the center point marked and fixed otherwise your arch will be off center and won’t stand up. This took two people and quite a bit of force! If in doubt there are a bunch of videos on You Tube about how to bend conduit.
  • Cut your 2×6 piece so you have one 3ft long piece (or 2 if you want to make 2!) and then drill two holes 1.5″ deep and 2ft apart and slot in your conduit arch!
  • Now you just need to paint! I used matt white spray paint for this particular one and also made a second one in black.
  • To attach your sign you can use ribbon, string or anything else you have available but I’m really in love with the look of sleek leather tags right now. Since I didn’t have the tools to cut leather strips I just ordered leather draw pulls from Amazon that worked perfectly!

That’s it! We actually ended up returning the wood round once we were done using it as a guide which brought the told spend for two (the 2×6 is long enough to make 2) to around $15 (not including the leather drawer pulls which were $13).

If you’re loving the trend for arch shaped signs right now, give it a go, and be sure to check out State of Reverie‘s whole range. We love the modern typography, unusual shapes and gorgeous color palettes. Although they’re based in Australia, don’t be put off. The shipping is really reasonable and the sign, all the other paper goods they sent us, arrived in immaculate condition.



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