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My Favorite Murder inspired bridal shoot in Suncadia, WA

June 23, 2018

Ok.. so I have a confession, I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with serial killers. Well not always, but when I was 12 I snuck the Silence of the Lambs off my step dad’s bookshelf. I went from checking my closet for monsters to scouring the trees outside my bedroom for strangers lurking, waiting for all the lights to go out… You see, my obsession with serial killers isn’t morbid fascination, it’s more ‘knowledge is power’. I know always to back into a space in a parking lot so I can see people walking towards me when I’m getting into my car. I know that the majority of abductions happen in the early hours of the morning, not late at night like most people assume. And I know not to be comforted by the presence of a dog or a women, killers are smart and know how to disarm. After fainting due to pain at the Dentist last year, she questioned whether I’d been honest about the extent of my pain on the 1 to 10 scale, and I told her ‘the way I think about it is if 10 is being tortured by a psychopath this is probably a 5’. She looked at me with a mixture of horror and pity and said ‘yeah, that’s not how people normally think about it!’.

I always thought I was kind of weird! But then Kamra Fuller, an amazing Seattle photographer, reached out to me about doing a shoot based on a podcast called My Favorite Murder. I starting listening to it and researching its worldwide cult following and suddenly I wasn’t a freak anymore! Karen & Georgia, the comedians who conceived and host the show have amassed thousands of ‘Murderinos’ who love the show’s dark humorous obsession with true crime as well as their wit and progressive & feminist agenda. Their international live tour was sold out and their popularity continues to grow.. Anyway, if it sounds like your thing, check it out! If it doesn’t then just look at this as an alternative Bridal shoot for the bride who doesn’t want to wear white! If you’re a ‘Murderino’ then you’ll probably notice lots of subtle nods to the podcast throughout! 

See the full gallery and all the incredible vendors here.




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