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January 6, 2018

After 6 weeks of planning the day finally arrived.. I’d sent out a timeline to everyone a few days before which looked like this:

  • 6.00am Amber to drive to MR

  • 6.10am Steph and Kevin to uber to Taylor

  • 6.30am Taylor/Steph/Kevin/Bethany leave Bothell and drive to MR

  • 9.00am Arrive at National Park Inn and check in

  • 9.10am Bethany/Steph/Kevin hair and make up/Taylor – scout locations/bts shots/Amber – tablescape and staging

  • 11.00am Start shooting in location 1

  • 1.00pm Lunch

  • 2.00pm Shooting in location 2

  • 3.30pm Go back to the room

  • 4.00pm Leave Park

Our base for the day was the cozy National Park Inn. On previous location shoots we’ve always made do with the parking lot but the freezing temperatures meant this just wasn’t going to be possible and having somewhere warm to escape to was definitely worth the investment!

As it turned out I ended up getting to the park early, so I was able to have the tablescape set up by the time the others arrived..

Taylor had brought a hay bale to serve as the seating… one of those ideas that seems really great on Pinterest but man, we regretted it! Her car was full of straw and moving that thing into place was like a CrossFit workout! It did look pretty awesome in the pics though!

While Taylor was busy snapping away I got to work with the bedroom scene. After a slightly hairy moment where I slipped on the ice, it all worked out just as it had in my head!

Once our models were ready, and Kevin had gotten over his sheer excitement at seeing snow for the first time (!) they were pretty happy to get under the covers and warm up with a little wine!

Taylor took them both off for some couple shots before we all retreated back to the warmth of the lodge and had lunch and waited for the sun to move into place!

Next up, we headed up the mountain, even though I’ve been to Mount Rainier a few times now, I still get goosebumps, and for Steph & Kevin who had never been before I think they were kind of blown away. We spent the afternoon in the sun, mainly watching Kevin act like a kid at DisneyLand; there’s something pretty cute about seeing a grown man make his first snow angel! These guys made the perfect models, and when we finally wrapped up and headed home, it was in the knowledge that some magic had happened! A pretty great way to end 2017!

To see the end result head over here!




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