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What’s hot right now? Current wedding trends we’re totally digging….

September 12, 2017

Ok granted, I spend a LOT of time looking at weddings… blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, magazines (old skool I know!) but what I love, is the vast array of weddings happening right now. From the traditional to the outright crazy (jumping out of a plane anyone?!) pretty much anything goes, but here’s a round up of all the things I’m digging right now…

Make your invites your own While there are some great invitation options available from online giants like Zazzle, Minted, Wedding Paper Divas and the like, more and more couples are choosing to set the scene with something more bespoke. Some creative brides (or grooms) are putting pen to paper and drawing their own, but with modern calligraphy and lettering enjoying huge popularity right now, there is no shortage of fabulous talent to help you out. Your Save The Dates and invites are really the first glimpse into your wedding. They set the scene for guests, and can let them know what to expect in terms of style, mood and color scheme. So getting it spot on, and making them feel really personal, is a nice touch. After all, when was the last time you got something good through the mail?! This is a big deal for people! I also really love purchasing from individuals rather than big retail giants. You get something unique, and you can rest assured that there’s a real life person doing a little happy dance because of your purchase!

 Stationery:  Ink & Sable  Image:  Kelsey Leigh Photography

Stationery: Ink & Sable Image: Kelsey Leigh Photography

Translucent Cakes Apparently, the naked cake is over, my friends. It’s now all about the translucent or semi naked variety. Typically, barely iced in buttercream, drizzled with sugary, syrupy goodness and topped with seasonal fruits, this is cake for people who love cake. I’m in.

 Salted Caramel Translucent Cake:  Eat More Cake by Candice  Image:  Joanna Monger

Salted Caramel Translucent Cake: Eat More Cake by Candice Image: Joanna Monger

Informal Dining Remember when weddings meant choosing Beef or Chicken when you RSVP’d and looking forward to that barely warm, overly dry, over styled, dish being served to you, while you made small talk with that single dude your friend thought you might like? No? Just me?! I have to admit, that having attended a lot of weddings as a singleton in my younger days, I always dreaded the meal! I just wanted to mingle, drink and get on the dance-floor, and the meal almost always felt like a certain kind of torture, accompanied by bland food… Nowadays, dining options are far more varied. Blended families can make top tables feel impossible and couples are looking to family style dining, food stations and even food trucks, to keep things fun and interactive. And if fine dining is your thing, there are some incredible options around with vendors incorporating  local, organic produce and innovative flavor combinations. RIP Chicken Chasseur.

 Image:  Elk & Willow

Image: Elk & Willow

Novelty Entertainment Gone are the days when the highlight was the DJ playing It’s Raining Men (just me again?!), nowadays people are getting more and more creative when it comes to their wedding day entertainment. Singing waiters, on site tattoo artists, yoga instructors, acrobats, magicians… You name it, someone has done it!

 Fiore of  Red Lotus Tattoo  Image:  Allebach Photography

Fiore of Red Lotus Tattoo Image: Allebach Photography

Creature comforts A dog is man’s best friend right?! I know Zeke is mine, sssh, don’t tell my husband. Actually you can, pretty sure he already knows! Makes sense that given people’s love for their canine friends that they were going to start featuring in weddings. My Mom thought I was ridiculous when I told her my Dad’s dog was going to be the ring bearer at our wedding! Clearly, only because she doesn’t frequent wedding blogs enough to know that I was pretty behind the times! The trendsetters had long ago moved on to Llamas and alpacas… So what’s next I hear you ask… My prediction? Dinosaurs. Ok, kidding, but as Mindy Lahiri would say, this photo is ridonculous!

 Image:  Cassandra Farley

Image: Cassandra Farley

Got a trend you’re loving right now? Leave a note and let me know!





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